What will you get?

Certificates Provided: 

After successful completion of the course,candidate will be exempted for Class IV Part ‘A’Certificate of Competency & obtains it on the basis of Academy passing out certificate which makes candidate eligible to take up a career at sea as a Junior / Trainee engineer. After 6 months of sea service on board merchant vessels they become eligible to write Class IV Part ‘B’ examination. Thereafter a Class IV Certificate of Competency is awarded by the Mercantile Marine Department, Government of India.Subsequently, they become Certified Engineer officers of Merchant Marine and are free to take up lucrative careers within the Shipping industry world-wide.

Career Flow Chat:

12 months pre-sea training (exempted from Class IV Part ‘A’ Certificate of Competency)at academy approved by D.G. Shipping, Govt. of India

Join as Junior/ Trainee Engineer for a minimum period of 8 month on board a ship

[STIPEND: 400$ – 800$]

Obtain Class IV Part ‘B’ Certificate of Competency, Sail as 4th Engineerfor 12 months

[SALARY: 3500$- 5500$]

Obtain Class II (Part ‘A’ & ‘B’) Certificate of Competency, Sail as 3rd Engineer for 18 months

[SALARY: 5500$ – 7500$]

Obtain Class I Certificate of Competency, Sail as 2nd Engineer / Chief Engineer

[SALARY: 8000$ – 12000$]

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